Linear Jazz Improvisation: Triads (Book 2)

Linear Jazz Improvisation: Triads (Book 2)

Covers the 4 basic triad types (major, minor, augmented, diminished), ranging over 2 octaves. Exercises are notated in the 3 most common jazz keys of concert C, F, and Bb to get you acquainted with the patterns. Once you have learned these, apply them to the other 9 keys.

Download free sound files and practice along, then improvise.

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Product Details

  • Available in both convenient e-book format and spiral-bound hard copy.
  • Clear, concise text
  • 63 pages
  • Over 130 exercises
  • Available in 4 keys, for all instruments/voices
  • Free Sound Files
  • NB:  Eb books are in the upper register.


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