Linear Jazz Improvisation: The Method (Book 1)

Linear Jazz Improvisation: The Method (Book 1)

Written in concert treble clef, this text-only volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the unique core concepts and techniques of LJI Method.

Using a wealth of examples from the jazz repertory, the book avoids theoretical terminology and focuses on identifying and systematically developing the 4 Essential Elements found in tunes: Reduced Melody, Guide-Tone Lines, Root Progression, and Melodic Rhythms.

LJI offers not only the methodology for focused practicing of meaningful improvisation in your own style, it supplies the very substance of what to play.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction: How to Learn to Improvise on a Tune
  • Melody, Rhythm Reduction and Compression
  • Chromatic Targeting
  • Guide-Tone Lines and Root Progression
  • Blues
  • Rhythm Development and Permutation
  • Pitch Collections
  • Scales Derived from Key

Product Details

  • Available in both convenient e-book format and spiral-bound hard copy
  • Clear, concise theory text in concert key
  • 106 pages


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