LJI Polytonal Triad Etudes (Book 5)

LJI Polytonal Triad Etudes (Book 5)

Enough advanced modern vocabulary to keep you occupied for at least a year!

This book develops an angular 8-measure pantonal line comprised of major (Part 1) or minor (Part 2) triads, and then develops it in a variety of mind-blowing ways, beginning with rapid transposition of its melodic and rhythmic motives.

Many methods of motive development are employed, including various forms of transposition, non-functional chord succession, retrograde, retrograde inversion, mirror, fragmentation, and sequencing.

Learn to sing and play it, along with its free sound files.

First learn each etude, and then improvise on its motives.

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Product Details

  • Convenient e-book format
  • Clear, concise text
  • 30 pages
  • Available in 4 keys, for all instruments/voices
  • Free Sound File


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