Linear Jazz Improvisation:  7th Chords (Book 3)

Linear Jazz Improvisation: 7th Chords (Book 3)

Book 3 provides additional hands-on exercises to prepare the serious jazz improvisation student for chromatic targeting of reduced melodies—focusing on the 12 LJI 7th Chords in 2 octaves.

Play and sing each 7th chord while learning to chromatically target (embellish) it--and then improvise on that.

In the process of this LJI targeting of  7th chords, thousands of wonderful melodic ideas on octatonic (8-note) pitch collections are revealed.

This is also a great ear training book, since internalizing these essential 7th chord types will greatly advance your improvisational language.

Download the Free Sound Files and practice with them.

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Product Details

  • Available in both convenient e-book format and spiral-bound hard copy
  • Clear, concise text
  • Over 130 exercises
  • Available in 4 keys, for all instruments/voices
  • Free Sound Files
  • 83 pages

Choose your instrument

  • C Treble clef: guitar, piano, vibes, voice
  • C Bass clef: trombone, bass
  • B-flat: trumpet, tenor and soprano sax
  • E-flat: alto sax  NB: Eb books are in upper register.


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