Block Chord Keyboard Cadences ~ 50% off!

New! Block Chord Keyboard Cadences ~ 50% off!

Here is a practical—and inexpensive—keyboard mini-book of 21 pages, containing II V I cadences voiced in block and modified block chords, in all 12 keys—in both Major and Minor modes.

Use this book to gain basic essential keyboard harmony facility for learning tunes and training your ears.

Download the free Finale sound files and practice with the playback. All exercises are paced at a leisurely metronome setting to get you started, but tempos can be adjusted as desired.


Product Details:

  • Convenient e-book format
  • Clear, concise music and text
  • 21 pages
  • Free Finale sound files to practice with

Click here to view sample pages

Click to listen to a finale sound sample

Block Chord Keyboard Cadences

Basic, Modified 

ii7 V7 I MA7;  ii7-5 V7-9 i7

Major, Minor

All keys