Songbook Series: F Blues

Songbook Series: F Blues

Riffraff is a straight-ahead medium-swing modern jazz blues riff in F.

Included are a great many etudes that combine melodic rhythmic motives with chromatic targeting of the melody, guide tone lines, and root progression.

This piece really swings! Use it on gigs.

Download the free Finale sound files and practice along.

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Click to listen to a finale sound sample

Product Details

  • Available in both convenient e-book format and spiral-bound hard copy
  • Clear, concise text
  • Available in 4 keys, for all instruments/voices
  • Free Sound Files
  • 57 pages

Choose your instrument

  • C Treble clef: guitar, piano, vibes, voice
  • C Bass clef: trombone, bass
  • B-flat: trumpet, tenor and soprano sax
  • E-flat: alto sax


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