Raves and Reviews

Nominated Best Trombone Soloist by Latin New York Magazine in 1976
Original composition, “Fenway Funk,” nominated for a Grammy Award
Lead trombone on 1977 Grammy Award winner Unfinished Masterpiece by Eddie Palmieri

- Listed in the Down Beat Hall of Fame in 1968

Since his great trombone soloist, Ed Byrne, left the band recently, Charlie Persip is “low profiling” the solos in the trombone section.

- John S. Wilson, New York Times

Ed Byrne's trombone style is ahead of its time.

- Jazz Times

Ed Byrne's warm trombone solos are in a style rarely heard since the days of J. J. Johnson.

- John Storm Roberts, High Fidelity

The exciting moments came as they always do in Maynard Ferguson's band—from the trombone solos of Ed Byrne.

- Bob Smith, Vancouver Sun

The lead trombone of Eddie Byrne upheld a long tradition of brilliance in that section of every edition of Ferguson's orchestras.

- Chris Colombi, Jr., Baltimore Sun

For me, the highlight occurred [in Maynard Ferguson's performance] when Eddie Byrne really broke it up on the trombone.

- Cliff Smith, Rochester After Dark

Ed Byrne is a lyrical trombonist who still isn't as well known as he should be. Swinging and enjoyable, Two Shades of Blue indicates that Byrne should be doing a lot more recording as a leader.

- Alex Henderson, All Music Guide


Byrne, who composed the Grammy Award nominated Fenway Funk, takes a turn with a rhythmic solo that explodes into a massive climax through repeated syncopated figures brimming with tension.

- Chip Boaz, The Latin Jazz Corner